From One Family to Other Families — Sam


Two things that I never thought I would do:

1) write a book about my feelings and my family and cancer and yaddiddy, yaddiddy.

2) blog

That’s right. I never would have ever thought it conceivable that I would blog. Why would anyone want to listen to me? What would I even have to write about?

Well strap yourself in and get ready. I have a stage that is being thrust upon me by this book project my dad roped me into. So I plan to sing and dance and carry on! Oddly enough I think I’m going to love blogging. I’ve had a built up resistance to the idea, but now that I have to, and I might as well. I have stories, lots of stories. And I have opinions, lots of them too!

In my short life career so far I’ve found that honesty is the best policy. Those of you reading this that actually know me, can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve tried to lie and how horribly I’ve failed. So in writing this book, (and now with this blog) I am above all open and honest. I really hope that when you read our book you’ll see this right away. We didn’t pull any punches.

 I don’t really have high hopes for this book, lord knows that I wouldn’t ever pick it up in a store myself. However, my one real hope is that a few people, who are going through a similar life / family crisis, and have a similar denial approach to the situation that I took, will read what I wrote and know that they’re not alone. Maybe people will see that it’s okay to handle feelings differently from your fellow family members. That it’s okay to be  distracted by the normal trials and tribulations of everyday life even though your father is seriously sick. It would have helped me to know that others might feel like me when I was going through this first year with cancer.

Well enough of that. I promise future posts will be fun and awesome! My upcoming blog entry will retell the epic tale of my trip to Nashville last year when I visited Michael.

Get ready blogging world. Sam Treadway’s coming at yah!

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